Need a Dull Knife

I'm here to get my mind off of it but feel like regurgitate crap! It started earlier but has gotten progressively worse to the point that I'm typing through tears. I got home from school and just ran to the bathroom and got sick. I'm nibbling on bread to soak up the meds I popped but my head is spinning and my tummy is moaning and I just want to take my eyes out with a dull sharp spoon.

My teen just went and got me an iced tea as I'm losing my voice for the millionth time this year but the ice on my head feels so good. Hope to fall asleep soon... enough already.

I don't wish migraines on anyone, they just SUCK!

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5 Responses Mar 3, 2009

It's morning and although groggy from way WAY too much medication, I feel a bit better. Today's gonna be like living in a fog but at least no pounding. I just opened the medicine cabinet and inhailed without care. I hate not being able to even see straight...

You poor darling commiserations to you )-: Next time your at your doctors ask for some sort of anti-nausea medication that you can take as soon as you feel one coming on along with the pain killers this has helped me in the past (assuming you haven't got some already). Tis true as far as I am concerned they did lessen after the big M however I still get them (touch wood) from time to time OMG. Hope by the time you read this you are feeling better hugs (-:

I get them too and they are relentless. Strange, but my mother and I just had a conversation about migraines today - she told me hers stopped when she went into menapause - I am hopeful, but that is a few more years away.<br />
<br />
My hope for you is that it passes quickly and sleep comes!

they do... not sure all of what i took but when it gets like this you don't care and just start popping... about to pop a few more until i finally pass out

i get them too my friend they suck!