For the Past Two Days

starting when i woke yesterday morning and, thankfully, ending today at noon after i took zomig this morning.

there was a time when i suffered with migraines for three days in a row, several times a month. now, i usually get them once a month, hormonal migraines.

this one was stress-induced, however.

i have no choice but to function when i get them. i sit at my desk at work, with my hand over my eyes, the other palming the back of my neck or my forehead or wherever i convince myself 'feels better.'

i just wanted to go home today, more than anything, but i suffered through and now, i'm much better.

till the next one...

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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

OMG, how do you function when you have one! I become a total zombie. Thank goodness, you have Zomig. I use Axert myself. The hormonal ones are bad enough, but I think the stress induced ones are worse. My son has had horrible migraines for years. He now takes Topamax and it has helped tremendously. He still has them, but not so many or so often. A possible hint: if you have a microwave and/or fridge at your work, invest in an icepak and a heat-pac. Alternating those on the back of your neck may help till the medicine kicks in. Or get two of those lunch packs that keep things hot and cold. Put one or two in each, and keep by your desk. Heat works best for me, but some prefer ice. Alternating can really help. Bless you. No one but another sufferer really understands, how you know you are going to die -- or afraid you won't! LOL