How I Dealt With It

I used to suffer from going to bed and then lying there unable to sleep watching the minutes switch by on the digital clock. I have a relatively high stress life and along with a couple of divorces you can get the picture. I finally realized that not sleeping was just going to make me crazy in the long run so I started trying to fix it.

I think finally I convinced myself that there was nothing I could realistically do in the middle of the night to solve any problems, short of getting up and working, which I was not going to do. So now if I am alone (a good night of sex always makes me sleep well, ************ takes off the edge but does not wear you out like good sex) I will read a chapter or two in the book I am in and then shut off the lights. I finally have myself trained to the point where I keep my mind from wandering back over to anything except the thought of sleep.

Is it easy, no, course not, but it does help.
rywdeb rywdeb
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

I can’t say I have a particularly high stress job or life, but I often have trouble falling asleep. I have to agree…in the absence of sex, reading and (for me) a little writing, helps. :)