When I See My Self.

being caught under the pain of uncertanity mind is driven to seek the permanent, the supreme happiness. after entering in to the world of ever lasting desires want to remain calm and confident. i meditate not to move away but to stay alive. not to explore but to experience. body feels light and felt like lost some weight and fresh.its like a therapy . i wish to keep my experimentation with myself and some thing tells me to share. i am contended the way iam and i wish to stay so. i feel like getting closer to many as i dont feel any discrimination. walking in woods enjoying my food and getting intimate with others always keeps me pretty alive thank you for your patient reading.
arudhra arudhra
31-35, M
2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

I can relate. Although for years I have not felt close to him, and things have been falling apart, as of late.

It's good that you're close to God, I think we all need that peace in our lives where we know He's taking care of us.

Thank you for your story...maybe this is the way I need to be, meditative.