Watching the Matrix at 12:26 AM, with a pack of beer and my mind to keep me company... Down the rabbit hole I go.
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Mat_11:28 “Come to Me, all you who labour and are burdened, and I shall give you rest.

How's the movie?

So far so good. Neo just woke up from his little goo battery cradle.

How's the beer? I am 43 / m in KC Missouri. Didn't know if you'd like to chat

Samuel Adams, Oktoberfest... Haven't had it in a while. Not bad. Been drinking a lot of Dos Equis & Modelo lately. Thought I'd switch it up. Nice to meet you, how's your evening?

Not too bad. Just not sleepy yet.
What has you up at this hour?

Just being a nightowl... Mind is always racing, I can be doing one thing and be 4-5 diff thoughts away from it. Hoping I'll get some sleep soon, been up since 4 AM. What about you?

Just got my self in bed. But not really tired. Besides I have you to chat with. Lol.
Are you in your pjs yet or still dressed from the day?

Still dressed. Might sit outside for a bit, listen to music. Pjs sound comfy, lol

Can I be bold and ask what you wear as pjs? Could you sit outside in them?

I guess I offended you. Sorry

I fell asleep... lol sorry

Oh ok. Well good morning

You around tonight?

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