Tick-tock Goes The Nuke...

Hmmmmm.. if this blows up in mauh face.. i WILL NOHT be held accountable for mauh actions anymore, i nevuh should of been anyways, there will be noh reason to anymore.. unchained me is a terrible me, im already unplugged here, which is a HUGE ******* plus to the few that understands how awesome it is.. i'm so beyond tired of the bullshit lately..stress levels at max... the **** one put's up with and still being as nice as i can.. *sighs and tugs at chains*... we'll see..

is this a threat? noh, all im saying is IF they come off... don't feed the dox..

Doxtah Doxtah
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Oh ****!

..psssst... i bet you im being watched =OH'S! *hide behinds his p-nutty*

Uh oh....