Missing Sibling?

I have been told by two different people in the last year that I have another sibling.  The first was a paid psychic that is rather good but can never provide names sadly.  In the reading she told me that there was a fifth child, she felt it was a boy, but to ask around and see what I could dig up warning that it could lead to stumbling on some dark family secrets.  The second, months later, was a random encounter where the person i was talking to asked about my sister.  I replied that I didn't have a sister but then realized what the statement meant.  Confronted, he admitted that he had an ability to read energies and definitely saw a sister around me, he could feel her presence.  I have always felt like I was missing a sister, as long as I can remember.  

That said, now I'm sitting in a place that I don't much care for... how do you start to look for someone you don't know anything about?  Mom has confirmed there were no shady adoptions but that the marriage wasn't all roses the last couple of years, an affair is a possibility.  I feel like a truck has hit me to be honest, disquieted and desperate to find him/her.  Here's an attempt to put it out into the universe.

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*trying to be tactful* Is it possible that your sister was miscarried? I ask because I have an older brother who died before birth. (Dad beat Mom 'till she miscarried) I remember my brother comforting me when I was scared...just like a big brother should. He just wasn't "here". <br />
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So is it possible that this sibling that the psychics "saw" is with you, but not on this plane? That could also explain why your mom was reluctant to talk about it.<br />
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I know this is a very late reply to your story...I hope you found peace, wherever your road took you.