Mistress And Slave For Almost Two Years

I am a cross-dressing **** and slave to Mistress P (ServeMistressP on EP). She makes me feel very good when She uses me or allows me to serve. It's an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) so we have never met face to face; only by Yahoo IM, EP PMs (and the very hot stories She has posted), voice phone and text.

She knows my hot buttons and loves to press them so that I become quivering jelly under Her voice. Her latest (what word to call it - it's not an effort with Her, it comes naturally - Ah-ha) feat/accomplishment involves her knowledge of how I feel I missed the sexual revolution and would have loved to have been a **** star. Well She has made me one. I have been making videos of the things I do to please Her and now she has me posting them on Xhamster for the world to see. I am excited.
MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
70+, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

Aww Tommy I think this ROCKS!! You just know how to keep the fun and zip alive in your life and Mistress certainly does her part in that too! AWESOME!! I wanna be this full of fun and naughtiness when I hit your age! What a great example of how the fun never has to end....hugs ♥

Thank you. And I would be very surprised to find that you and yours are not having this much fun - or more - that far into the future