Its Me

strange but true
i am in love with my female self
so chris loves christine
does this mean i am cheating on my wife?
christinemelody christinemelody
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Wouldn't it be fun if there was a time machine such that you could go back in time for an hour?

Think about how it would be to make a date with yourself. Would it be Chris who comes back for the date with Christine or would it be Christine who comes back to date Chris?

Remember that the who comes back knows what happened before and runs the show.

wow thats difficult to get your head around

i think it would depend on whether or not you see your female self and male self as two seperate beings or if you see them as two parts of a whole, i mean im not sure i would call it cheating, does your wife know about christine?

i see me as 2 perons but getting closer to 1, an effefinate man a5t the moment but i cuold slip into a manly woman. yes she does know as it babrely tolarant of her

hmmm.....perhaps only you could define whether its cheating, do you feel as though you are cheating? or are you just contemplating the technical nature of cheating and if you fit into the category?

i dont see it as cheating as it is with anotherf guy.
you could argue that ************ is being unfaithful?

could you? hmm ive never thought of ************ as being unfaithful

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