I'm In Love With 2 Men

my heart is mixed up. i know its wrong to be in love with another an, since i'm married. but i just can't be that alone anymore, considering my hubby is in long term care. i fight with depression. its hard to find others that understand me.

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I cant fully understand your situation because obviously im not there yet but I do understand how it feels to get little or no attention and to feel neglected. Im going through the same thing you are in that sense, sadly its not working out for me. All its done is broken my heart even more. <br />
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This isnt going to sound very nice but I think you should try and wait till he dies to start up a new relationship. Keep the man you're in love with close as a friend and then see how you feel after your husbands dies. <br />
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Another thing is it is not wrong of you to fall in love with another man just because you're married. The guilt sucks and the fear of hurting your husband is scary but it is not wrong.<br />
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I hope that things get clearer for you later down the road.<br />
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Good luck

wow,awesome friend u r going to be. write to me directly if u want. and tell me what u r going through.

hes stays at the hospital, itslike a nursing home. hes much older then me. thanku verrrry much for understanding. he just yells at me, or i'm somebody else in his eyes. its real hard. i get so depressed because of it. its nice to hear from nice people like u, who undertand.