Anyone know much about mobile phone problems? Such as internet problems? Please read below……
I recently bought a goophone s5 but I can't get my internet to work on it. My calls and texts work fine but my internet does not work . I sett up the correct APN settings for my mobile network but internet still does not work! On the signal bar its supposed to have a letter like G H or E but there is no letter there. I have tried everything but I just can't get it to work. I contacted the people I bought the phone from to see if they could help but they wasn't much help at all. I'm on internet on my phone via wifi at the moment . Please help?
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Sorted now lol

Got ur number.. Haha I wish

Google it or youtube it you'll sort it easier that way trust :)

Hi there, are you sure you've got the correct apn settings?
Is the circle next to the apn list green?

Hi yes the circle is green and they are deffo correct I checked them online and Everywhere I checked had the same settings .

Try restarting your phone.

Tried that and I did a factory reset as well and re set up my apn settings but still does not work

You do have internet right? Meaning credit /data.

Yes I do lol I'm on contract (sim only) and my internet works in my friends phone when i put my sim in hers… but it dont work in my phone :(

Is there an update for your phone? Go into settings, then my device and then about phone. Now click on software update and make sure you're connected to wifi while you're at it.

I have done all that already lol… there is no updates available… I will speak to my network operator and if they can't fix it I'll just get my money back x

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If you've done what dakraziest should be work?..

What network are you on and which country?
Plus go in settings and check the option that say data connection

o2 and uk and I have done all that and my data connection is on . but it still does not work :(

well then you need to call the operator, there must be a problem with the apn

Can the operator do anything? As this is a clone of the st so they may not be able to help. But I will call them and see what they say . thanks for your help though much appreciated

the operator can push the right settings to your phone, just ask them to send the settings for Android 4.2 or whatever the version of your OS .... It can be checked by going into settings, about, firmware version

Okk thankyou so much for your help

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