An Update....

Well!  The really GREAT news is that I discovered that the "black" part of my mole was really an ingrown hair!!  I noticed it while I was driving...I looked at the mole in my rear-view mirror and pulled it out (the hair, not the mole lol) !!!  So, that relieved me a HELL of a lot!  Also, my insurance came through and I've already got an appointment scheduled with a dermatologist for next week! Praise the Lord!!  So, I haven't been worried, hardly at all since I got that hair out and the mole is no longer scaly or black.  Hopefully, I'll go to the doctor, they'll cut it off, do a biopsy on it and I'll be left with nothing but a scar where my beauty-mole used to be!!!

I'm still praying....thank you all for your love and concern!!  Y'all mean the world to me!!


MysticWriter MysticWriter
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1 Response Apr 18, 2007

great news!