I have a lot of moles. But the most noticeable one is the one on my right cheek. it's not even that big, its hard to explain the size of it though. Only a few people ive met has insulted me about it, complimented it, or just brought it up like it was no big deal. I'm kind of worried its cancerous though. I have about two or three more on my back, a few small one around the lower part of my neck. I have small ones that frequently show up on the left side of my face, my arns, waist, legs. :P Sometimes i get really insecure about the main one on my right cheek, and sometimes i just dont give a crap lol. Yeah, thats my story. thanks for reading. ^-^
itsjustmusic24 itsjustmusic24
18-21, F
May 21, 2012