My Mom Is Dying

My mom had breast cancer 5 years ago, had a mesecotmy and they took out her glands under her arm as it was in a couple of them, Now last year around Thanksgiving they told her it was back and she had stage 4.  It went into her breastbone tissue so they gave her Chemo to shut it down, Well its not working it came back harder and now its on the outside and going into her lung and the lymps in her chest.  They are now giving her 3 to 6 months to live.  I am doing all I can to help but its hard when you have a family and live 3 hours away. I do have my dad but he is having a hard time as he is 76.  I love her and hate seeing her in pain.  I talk to her everyday and will go over towards the end.
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1 Response Jan 7, 2012

My story is quite similar to yours. <br />
My Mum first had breast cancer many years ago when she was 29. She had a mastectomy and lymph nodes removed. She got cancer in her other breast a few years ago, she's now 49. Mum was told in January of 2010 that she would not survive the rest of the month, but it's been over a year and she's still alive. <br />
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I'm grateful for the extra time I've had with her, but at the same time I'm saddened because for a whole year the cancer has spread and gotten worse and now she is incredible pain. She is on morphine but it doesn't always help the pain of the cancer in her bones. <br />
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It's such a horrid thing to have to watch - your Mum go through so much pain and suffering. I think it makes us stronger, though. That is good that you speak with your Mum every day. How is she doing now? I wish you all the best.