Loosing My Mom To Aml (leukemia)

I am 35 years old and about 4 months ago my mom was dx with Leukemia at the age of 70. She has recived 3 chemos and the last time the cancer came backs stronger. Now per doctors orders sheis going to be put in hospice care. I feel like I am loosing the one person who loves my qualities and all my imperfeccions. I feel so alone an so broken that at times I dont even want to get up in the morning. I have an amazing husband and my 2 boys who have been such great support during these moments. My dad is devastated and at times I dont even kow what to say to him after al he is loosing his partner that has been with him for over 42 years. I would appreciate your prayers.
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

I know I'm young but I can understand what you feel. I lost my mom to melanoma when I was nine and she was only forty. I watched the person who was always the strongest in my life slowly wither away in a hospital bed. I'm having to grow up without someone everyone has. I will pray for you and your family tonight.
My one piece of advice is its difficult. Don't stop your life while you wait for the pain to go away because it honestly doesn't. It's been six years since my mom died and I still miss everyday. I learned to keep living my life in a way that I know she's smiling up in heaven proud of me.