How Am I Ever Going To Get Through!!!

I'm sitting in the hospital and my mom is dying of liver,lung and brain cancer! She just recently came into the hospital with what we thought were hemroids and on the upon her arrival she was normal as can be, we laughed cried, talked and told stories, three days later she was in a state of acute dilirium and didn't recognize or respond to any of us, next day she slept for nearly two days, waking up in acute dilirium state she has now been awake for 38 hours! Doctors seem baffled with this discovery and I have so much pain inside as I watch the women who I consider my strongest hero ever, my mom lay there in a state that I have a heard time understanding!!! Help me how am I going to deal with this!!!
Hurtsaobad Hurtsaobad
41-45, F
Jan 21, 2013