Too Far Away

My mom has been the strongest woman I've ever known. Widowed at 38, working all her life, taking care of her mom and aunt before they died, she put me through college and loved me no matter what. Now, she is nearing the end and we're trying to make it as comfortable as possible. I live 1,000 miles away and although I try to get there every 4 - 6 weeks, for me , it's just not enough. Her 83 year old sister is doing the daily things -without complaint. I try to give her advice about taking care of herself but that stubborn trait - which has likely sustained her -- refuses. I've tried to bring hospice into the picture - no luck -- at least not yet. I will try again. I want so desperately to bring mom and my aunt here with me for a few months, just to spend more time with her and to give my aunt (and me) a break. I feel overwhelmed, guilty and depressed. I'm going back up there this week  -- wish me luck.

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Hi. I read your post, and just wanted to tell you how amazing Hospice has been for my Mother. I wish you and your mother well. I hope things work out for you.