living and dealing with a depressed parent is ridiculously difficult. my mother, who is not only depressed but bi-polar, makes things unbearable. i'm already struggling with my own mental issues. it's hard to progress as a family when the strength of the family is constantly falling apart. her mood swings are insane. you never know what is going to bring it upon the household. and you cant escape. her screaming and crying then wanting nothing to do with anyone only makes it harder and harder to want to go home.

it's so hard to watch this happen. i love my mother to no end. she really is the glue of the family. but when she falls apart, we're all gone. i just wish there was an easier way. i wish the only option wasnt to just wait. waiting to see the spark of my mom, that normal every day incredible lady, kills me a little more each time.

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hey guys--out of curiosity: when did you first realize your mom wasn't quite "right"? was growing up confusing and crazy? do you fear the same problems yourself? <br />
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I didn't understand what was going on with my mom until my own problem surfaced and I went for help; then her life (and my own) became pretty clear to me. I am not sure if it was harder when I was younger or now. I want her to get help so that she can see how life is really supposed to be lived. She's 65 now and refuses to acknowledge her illness, let alone accept it. My biggest regret is (and it should not be MY regret) that she will never know that life doesn't have to consisist of anger, discontent and flat out unhappiness. She will never know how much better life can be. I'm so sad about that. just described my childhood. I grew up with my mom being bi polar is hard..if you ever need a friend to relate ..I am here.

I completely understand. I am going through the same thing with my mother. I am so sorry.