My "Crazy" Mom

I grew up with a mom who was depressed and an alcoholic- until the age of 14, when she finally sobered up.  From then until the age of 21, I had the best mother anyone could ever ask for, until she went crazy and I've not seen "her" since(I'm now 34).  It's worse than a physical "death" because I see this person who looks similar to "my mom", but she isn't- and I miss her more than I could ever say.  I guess she has bi-polar, ontop of the effects of doing illegal drugs, mixed in with the depression ( the root or the result???) and it is such a sad waste of a life and I can't help her anymore- I have my own life/family to take care of- I took responsibility of not only her, but me and my sister growing up, and I CAN'T do it anymore...... Does that make me a selfish daughter??  I hope not-
tarryn tarryn
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 30, 2007

No Tarryn, you are not a bad daughter, you have done your best. We are all masters of our own destiny, you cannot help your mother, you have done your best. She needs professional help. It is natural for you to miss your mother but you must look after yourself and your own family, who will have a mother to be proud of.