my mother was never there for me growing up. she was always in bed, never to us to school on time, forgot to pick me up from school, and didnt support me. she got ECT when i was in middle school and then went to a mental institution. she got out and it took years for her to get her memory back. here, 9 years later, she is an incredible mother. i love her with all my being. she is helping me recover from an eating disorder. she always says the right thing. because she has been trough such crushing depression, she can help me like no one else. to people with depressed mothers, it is hell in the finest sense. but there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. i never thought i would me friends with my mom and call on her in times of need, but i do now. and i couldn't be more thankful. 

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Thanks for your story...<br />
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I Know it's hell when they are sick and i can't image going through it at a young age. I was 26 at the time when my Mother became severely depressed. My father had cancer at the time and my Mom had it also, it was a nightmare. But she got better and is the Mom she was before. There is hope and I am soo happy to hear your Mom can be a support for you now. I hope you both do well, I know it's a hard road but you just have to have faith and a action plan when it happens. <br />
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I thought I understood my Mom sickness but when it returns it always throws me for a loop. so I just try to keep faith, and although my Mom is well again (as in the last 5 months) I am taking a "Family to Family" class free Through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illiness) it gives a breakdown of how to cope and prepare. I hope my Mom (and yours) stays well as long as they keeps taking her meds, but I know it's a long term thing so I just have to stay proactive if possible. <br />
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Since it keeps my life in sink and helps me get a better hold of the situation when it happens. Don't get me wrong, it's painful and hard when she get sick, but I have found much better ways of coping than before. I wish you both well and will keep you in my thoughts.