Awakening Creature

By day, my life is peaceful & full of serenity. But, by night, the creature is released from its prison & takes over. In the morning, the taste of blood runs around my mouth but don't where it came from. The sun is what the creature fears & comes out when the moon is shown. The dreams of running, feeding haunted me. The creature controls the night while I live in the day. At times, the creature comes out at a state of anger but it's most deadly if it's at night. I tried to control during the day for writing & at night when it comes out but when I fall asleep, it's free. I can still the creature. Body of a teenage girl but blood red eyes, skin paler than snow, claws of a panther. It frightens me in my dreams & the blood comes when I see I drank blood.
HikariNoSukai HikariNoSukai
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010