But How?

Dieing with-in my soul is so painful to watch
Knowing I need to live, but how?
So much was destroyed, so much was taken
How do we go on, how do we move on

It is said the past is the past, so leave it there.
Okay, tell me how? I want to live a life.
I look around a see every-ones pain
I know most of their story's, none of us know how to live

Live a happy care free life, my reality is people are sad.
People around me want to die by their own hand.
I used want this same death. Once in a while I still wonder...
How, when, will there be a cure? Sometimes I am hopeful.

Why wasn't I just killed at birth? What is the story I am
What do I do with IT?
Will anyone even hear it? Will it motivate them?
Or just push them over the edge.....

melz1108 melz1108
26-30, F
Feb 3, 2011