Under My Bed!

I have a monster it lives under my bed
I don't let it out often because he eats people
I have to keep him well hidden or friends will 
Run in fear

I have a monster under my bed
I need him and he needs me 
We share the same thoughts 
And the desire to eat people

I have a monster under my bed
Sometimes he escapes and 
He makes a mess in my place
Then I have to catch him and hide him away

My monster is part of me and 
He lives under my bed. When
I'm needing him he is there
But I wish he'd go away!
cutout cutout 26-30 5 Responses Oct 15, 2011

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The monster is bad and should be removed but he won't go.

This is lovely thanks for the link, you do that so well!

Oh but it is scary, it takes me to the highest high and then plunges me to

A new level of deep dark pain, every time new and darker than the last.

It should scare you.

JG we share the same monster it is a fact, I understand your monster and you!

your monster

doesn't make me run in fear.....

your monster runs fear in me....for you

fear of how high the monster temporally takes you

to drop you so deep so fast

and that pains and pains..... you

and me

We must have the same bed....I've got one too!