We've All Got Monsters...

Some are big. Some are small. Some are so loud you can't ignore them and some are shy little things that hide away, whispering.
We've all got monsters.

Monsters like to hide away in places you don't want to go, the dark alleys of your heart and mind where the secrets are. Where those unbearable, heavy secrets lie. But monsters love your skeletons in the closet and they love even more to rattle them at night when you're sleeping.

Sometimes my monsters talk to me all day and sometimes they're quiet, but they're still there. They know exactly what to say to hurt me and make me feel insecure; to get me to do things I don't want to do. Like this week, I've eaten hardly anything against my good judgement. I've fought stomach pains just to keep them quiet in the corners of my mind and today, not even two days in, I almost passed out and still, I've eaten hardly anything.
But monsters would rather you dead than happy.

No, that's a lie. Because without you, they won't live. They want you miserable until the point you can't take it anymore.

We've all got monsters.
Some tell you that hurting yourself is right, that starving yourself is better than fat, that life is just better without you in it.
But they're not as smart as us no matter how hard they try and monsters can be locked up if we want them to be.

But until then, there's monsters in your closet, under your bed, under your stairs, in the dark corners of your mind. Sitting. Waiting. Watching for any sign of weakness and when they see it, they're fast. So fast.

You can deny all you want. You can say that there's no such thing. But think. Really think.

We've all got monsters.
Yoru Yoru
1 Response Nov 15, 2011

You're really good at putting my thoughts into words :P everyone else who read this mus thave been too scared to comment because you made them realise the truth.