Shakespeare's Shadow

This time, I won't be pushing you away
I have tried that countless times and felt the dismay
Pausing to think, perhaps you have something to say
Other than turning my sparkles into mere grey.

Pleasing yourself, you come and you go
Only because there is little that I know
But today I am here with open arms to say hello
Listen to your woes as they continue to echo.

Faerie's favourite color is green
Funny how your eyes are the same but mean
Say what you will on this chapter, on this scene
I am falling freely, coming undone and clean.

You will always be around as the green-eyed monster
I am tired of your battles, weakened to conquer
I'll hug you instead, my wings to give you lustre
And one day the shadow you create will turn into silver.

March 10, 2012  

Faerie needs to clarify that though your eyes may be green, this is not about you. I received questions asking me if I was referring to them. *scratches head* And I had to change the title as well to make it crystal clear. 
I apologize for any misconstrued interpretations. Such poems tend to do that.   

The poem, my poem, is about the green-eyed monster, in reference to Shakespeare's, Othello and The Merchant of Venice. It is metaphorically representing "jealousy"... often times, almost synonymously symbolic to "envy". But I believe Shakespeare only meant jealousy... those negative thoughts and feelings evolving fear due to one's own insecurities and helplessness leading to anger and resentment.  

Thus, this is the shadow I am referring in the poem. This is the shadow that looms over faerie from time to time. This is the shadow that blankets me with its darkness.  

And before it takes over the faerie completely... else I might yet succumb once again to the rabbit hole... I chose to do something about it. More often than not, we tend to keep the green-eyes monster inside... bottling up, building pressure... until the compression and heaviness gets too much to bear. It then becomes a burden... this annoying chip on the shoulder that we laboriously carry in our lives. We blame the others for this... having created this albatross, this elephant, this cross, this shadow... We actually chose to burden ourselves with it. Not opting to face the fear of our own inadequacy.  

But it's tiring to carry the cursed shadow... physically, mentally, emotionally... why choose to be this way?! *pulls faerie hair*
One restless night for the faerie is enough for me to say, no more...
Yet I did not push it away. Or hide it in the closet.
I chose to face it, confront it... held its hand, wrapped my wings around it.
As Sir Dean wisely reminded the faerie on his comment below... I told my shadow... "You have no power over me".  

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 9, 2012

Lol! hello there, Hiding Phoenix... *removes your cloak*<br />
<br />
You have the strength, Des... but it;s not about fighting it. That was my mistake. This is all our mistakes. We don't fight it... we make friends with it... see faerie bouncing with her shadow...

Maybe you are doing it differently as how it is meant to be... when you move along, make sure it's not lagging behind you. *turns your head to make you look*

Because you keep rushing it, trying to keep it going... pause and take the time to focus on other things. The answers do not come when forced... they will come when you least expect it.

The mere fact that you are going through it is worth it already. That is already the journey in itself. Stop looking past it drooling over the destination. *wipes your drool* I know we love the icing... I do, too, so much... but there are layers n the cake we can still enjoy...

Use the stones! Collect them, pile them up... and you will be higher. The package isn't always how it appears, Des... there are many sides to a story, many angles in a box... do we need to try them all? Why not? The only way to learn is to explore all the possibilities... not just sticking on one doorway.

*throws stones and rocks on those doorways* Then rest for now, sweets... it need not be today. There always tomorrows.

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Think people are just guilty... ;p<br />
Did I say that out loud, too? *giggles*<br />
<br />
Must be the effect of your colour-combo... greenish blue... faerie is green already (my tat)... must get hold of some blue... eyes... *giggles more*

Thank you, Dean... I do love the movie, Labyrinth... incidentally, I have a story about labyrinth partly written I've started days ago. Can't seem to wrap it up... *scratches head*... perhaps I could mesh them all together now... think the missing link is this. *big smile*<br />
<br />
*plugs Dean's ears* It's ok now, Taken... we can talk... *giggles* <br />
<br />
I know there will be the silver lustre again. It has began shimmering *bigger smile*... but you know how when it just started to crawl on you... creeping... whispering these stupid nonsense making even the menial of things turn into Mt. Everest... I needed to pause and think and most importantly, feel it... because I tend to ignore it... think we all do... finding other excuses not to let the feelings flow.<br />
I've dealt with it. Part of confrontation is my writing. I know for most they don't seem to understand what it is I write about *crosses eyes*... doesn't really matter... I write for me... and when some fellow sentient creatures happen to stop by my stories... I am always grateful for their understanding and compassion.<br />
In sync, no? ... *waits also for Des* ;p<br />
<br />
*group squeeshy hugs!!!*