Today I Died...


Today I died, just gave up hope. I jumped, fired, sliced, swallowed whatever I needed to escape… and yet I’m here, breathing, barely functioning, a shadow of myself.

Today I died, I gave control to the monster… to puppet as he chooses, taking me from a grand high to a sorrowing low, day by day, hour by hour, playing my emotions against each other, breaking my heart and spirit.


Today I died, I’m no longer me… I live and go on with my routine, as a distant piece of what I once was, no more struggles, no more fighting, just here, no opinion, no thoughts, no options, controlled by my own mind, thoughts, fears…

Today I died… if only in my dreams, I danced and played and enjoyed the offerings of the afterworld. I became my own master and controlled my own destiny and, in my dreams, I became content.

…today I found peace

mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
5 Responses Jul 17, 2007

thank you... lots of stories, poems etc that haven't even been seen yet. It's fun when something old finds it's way back to the forefront.

I didn't even look at the date. It is old isn't it? I'm shocked that I was the first to comment. It really is good.

thanks split you just have a way with words!

kinda how today feels... wow this is an old one thanks for finding it

this is quite beautiful