I have a monster inside.  It desires terrible things.  When I am alone, or with people, it is asleep, or waiting.  I'm not sure.  It only gets to come out when I've drank too much or am under some substance's influence.

It wants me to hurt people...emotionally.  It wants to push away everything I care about and everyone who cares about me, so that I will have no one but it left.  I can't control it, but I can keep it locked away.

It wants sex.  In all kinds of terrible ways.  I do, too...that we share.  And that is how I keep it at peace.  I feed it sexual experience.  Real or imagined, it matters not.  As long as I do it frequently.

The monster wants terrible things.  I keep it at bay by feeding it sexual experience.  It calms the destructive impulse and carnal desires.

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Monsters can be good too, if you concentrate on their good side.

Monsters can be good friends if you know how to deal with them, btw

You are really strong to post this in such a beautifully naked way, publicly revealing your whole soul, <br />

If you keep your monster locked away, one day it may escape and do anything. That's why: <br />
Don't press anything within, INSTEAD<br />
Face the monster and befriend him, understand what lies behind and beneath it, solve it and cure it, and there will be no monster again nor terrible desires.

Eh, crude perhaps...but I did chuckle slightly...

Hmm...well to clean to clean up after the monster, of course. Monsters can be quite messy.

why would she need to bring latex gloves?

*Signs*...ok we're on for 10 o'clock. Bring your stilettos and some latex gloves...

*Signs*...ok we're on for 10 o'clock. Bring your stilettos and some latex gloves...

All of us have a "monster" inside right? I mean that's what keeps our lives spicy. Don't feel bad or beat yourself up about it. Okay?

Oh, babe your not a bad person. Lots of people do that and are too ashamed to admit it. At least you are aware of it and can try doing something about it. And my advice is if you feel like this when you "drink" stay away from it for a while or look down deep in your inner self and pull out the real you, the sweet you that everybody loves and find out what is going on and find your true soul so you don't have to be miserable and feel like this. I wish you the best of luck.