Try Again

I call on the demon from down below
Please come up and take my soul
It is no longer needed for no one else cares
I was in need of love but no one would share
I call on the spirit please hear my cries
I am tired of living surrounded by lies
I need to be happy I need to be free
I need to live life, not for you but for me
So take me away and remove my heart
For here on this earth they only rip it apart
Take me away from the hurt and the pain
And bury me deep then shower with rain
And maybe I'll grow and bloom again
And this time they'll love me for who I am
mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
5 Responses Sep 8, 2007

I felt every word. Every moment of distaste. Your story has meaning,what more can i say,the demon you speak of lives also in me!

Tragic and beautiful <3

I love you for who you are...

Why that stupid fargin censor machine ****'s out <br />
* P r i c k s * in this context is beyond me. <br />
Dx gr-r-r-r-r- hahaha<br />
This too will pass! Probobly not as fast as ya'd like for sure.

achingly beautiful, Much like you. I'd offer yaz a hug but A Jester only has so much restraint. <br />
Dx<br />
Alas,<br />
For everything I touch with tenderness, ****** like a bramble!