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Monstrous Passion

I am a gentleman through and through but what you don't see in the raging inferno of carefully repressed passion and a blazing hot intense sexuality that could give the sun a run for it's money. That is my monster, my passion - no not the trouserpython but what lies behind it. I don't cheat so I give this monster the perfect breeding ground and despite my damsel swearing she can take the best of it and still be able to take it slow - I have serious doubts. Don't get me wrong, I am not doubting a woman's will but you got to understand that when you don't go on sexual safari like the rest of the crowd, it leaves an unmistakable level of sexual backlash. No, I'm not talking something violent - just intense. One of those things where your 5 senses go into overload even as your brain shuts down and the ability to think and reason things out gets swept away.

I know because I've been there on occasion. I have been to the edge of desire and came inches close to falling off. The fiery monster within wants to consume her, wants to have her writhe in wet, uncontrollable orgasmic bliss even as it revels in that moment and empties itself entirely into her. Even as I say that - something in the bck of my head ignites and I have to try to keep the spark from leaping out of my eyes for I want, I crave, I need and I could NEVER imagine getting enough of her.

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We are all here, each with the basic needs for survival. However, some of us answer a call to be a server, protector, bearer, etc. What you give of yourself to your family and friends is a selfless gift. I am honored to be a part of your family.

0,0<br />
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hmm what would you do if you ever did find such a cage as could hold you still. <br />
Could you then be so controlled of yourself?

My dear brother~ you find a way to enlighten me and give me cause to reflect on just what it is about each of us that helps ignite that spark from within. I am used to women sharing their "emotional" needs, the desires that are yet fulfilled or even recognized. You my dear, are a rare and special breed of a man who is not afraid to say: I have needs, but I will table it until she is ready-- AND ACTUALLY MEAN IT ! <br />
I admire and respect those traits- and you. <br />
My continued thoughts and prayers for you both. <br />

Good luck! I know of repressed passion all too well, also would like to bottle my hormones and give em' away..

Wow. Nice. :-)