Controlling Spitefull Mother Inlaw

I lived with my ex mother inlaw for 5 years and in this time I had 2 kids to her son that she would not let go of she would always say the world was going to end make judgements on me seeing psycologist and getting treatement for the anxiety and depression I had developed while living there the worst part of my stories starts here I had just had my son he was a premmie baby and I had my 3 year old with me aswell they were both going crazy as kids do and with the lack of sleep I walked upstairs to grab the kids clothes and to clear my head the interfering mother law went to run down stairs I had said "It ok I can handle I dnt need your help" she turned around and said thats very rude thing to say and i ignored her continue to walk down to my kids she starts chasing after me screaming out " by looks off it you cant handle those kids" she kept ranting on i kept walking off and ran out the house.
Another time I had gone to use the bathroom woken up unwell and she was standing in the bathroom so i walked away she starting yelling at me WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH ME!!!!! and i said i jst woke up and kept walking and locked the bedroom door to avoid confrontation she kept ranting on saying i make life difficult and uncomfortable for everyone in the house

Now she sits on fb making her whole fb about anything that can try and bring me down but at the end of all this these are my kids and she will never see them again and she can keep her son aswell
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wow shes a crazy b****