I Invited Myself To Your House... Please Feel At Home

Years ago she invited herself to my parents house and she even brought along her other granddaughter. During meal times, she even made derogatory statements on the food served to her like fish was difficult to eat but pork was too fatty. She made several comments that I was not doing the things right when it comes to taking care of my son. Of course, hers was the only proper way. She was pompous and loathsome. In our own house, this uninvited guest gave me darting glances. I wouldn't allow myself to be bullied in my own house. I told my husband that she could not stay in my parents house because she was giving the people there a hard time, from my parents ... up to the maids. They were complaining about her brash and imposing manner.

Recently, whenever she sees something in my house she wants one for herself too. She is very manipulative and now she is using her medical illness to drive everyone around by making them feel guilty. She complains that she is feeling weak but she has the energy to gamble with her friends. No wonder none of her children wanted to stay with her.

She is visiting again... upon her own invitation. Presently, I am trying my best to tolerate her presence. Deliberately, I am not emptying any cabinet in the guest room because she will start loading her things once a space is made available. I love to see her... just once a year.

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1 Response Jan 3, 2013

My mother in law also shows up whenever she wants, even when we tell her not to. When I was pregnant with our third child, she physically shoved past me to gain access to my home. Once she's inside, she refuses to leave, will even physically block my way to do something or comfort my child, all the while talking bad about me and my home to my face, until I allow her to take the children with the for the day.
About a month ago she forced her way inside past the babysitter (we were on our 9th wedding anniversary date) and proceeded to boss the babysitter around until she told my mother in law that we were on the way home. My mother in law then took (stole) my eldest's favorite toy and left.
After that, I told her if she ever again tried coming into my home when she was unwelcome, I would call the police and have her arrested.
And suddenly I'm the bad guy to everyone who knows her.