My Mother In Law

I have a mother on law who hates me and i dont know why! Everything i have done to her id cuz she made me. I met my husband almost five years a go dated for a year and i got pergent. we had a little girl n everything was fine. we then decided to move in together n our parents were ok with it. after  a year n a half i got pergant wit our son we had just got a trailer n mt mother in law had no where to live. so me being nice offered our home to her n her youngest daughter who had a one year old stay with us. the ruined my house. they put holes in the walls wouldnt fix them, the would drink in my front room spilling it everywhere and not clean it, i finally said if they didnt start doing  something about it the had to leave. the y said no cuz it was there sons hoouse. she went and told him what i said i agreed he then said that that is his mom and he cant do that. she start to cause more and more problems in between us every day. then one his sister tryed to beat me up while i was six months pregent with our son and he did nothing. i had it. i through all them out including my husband. this happend last year. right before my son was born he called and apologized we then reconziled and moved foward move back in after our son was about five months. we all started to get along again. then we got this really nice apartment and my mother in law put the depoist (check) in her name. we got approved once she found that out she went and told them that we were bad people loud, always had the cops over that he beat my and the kids. so they said we couldnt move in. by this time we had to move out by the first we had no where to go with our two kids and then told us pay backs our a b. and laughed. started to hurass us filed a report and when the cops went to her house and talked to her she said i hate that little b my son married ill get her and told that i had fake pay check stubs n that im illegal. so i had cops all in my buisness trying to take to me immagrations but they were trying to put me in jail for ferud charges first n idenity theft. while we were living in a motel n feeding our kids nothing but fast food. then the cops said that your son and your grandkids she told them "that he wasnt not her son and she dont want nothing to do with those f***ing kids".  Why she did all that noone knows. But my husband and me with our childern have a home and our never letting her into our lives again.  

happymarriage happymarriage
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2007