Does She Or Does She Not?

Until the end of last year i was 100% shure my real mother did not love me! Because she never saved me before all those cruel things my real father did to me!
She allways found excuses for his wrong doing and she allwas yelled and shouted the most disgusting words into my face.No hugs no cuddles no kisses!
But right now I am not shure anymore!
I think she has changed over the years and understands now what it means to be the mother of a child.
I know now why she never said anything and why she called me all those disgusting names!
I just forgave her recently and since then i feel much better!
She goes her way and i go my way with my family!
I neverever look back only forward.I can't change the past but i can do my best to have a better future.And since I am with a wonderfull foster family i have a loving and caring mom and dad and since december a 8 year old little brother!
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Jan 19, 2013