My Mother Died novembe...

My mother died
November 27th 1990 from breast cancer
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My Mom's body died 6 years ago of b.c and she went to be with Jesus; it still hurts, but time and mourning have helped. Seeing that it has been just shy of a year, I hope you are or have gone thru the stages of grief (I think there are 9?) Going thru different stages of grief is our luxury - even though kinda hard. Even if you've been in the grocery store (or wherever), and just started crying - I understand and that's normal, it's ok, whatever you maybe feeling it's ok. but the thing that helped me a lot in my growth - journey thru this is grieving - crying or punching a pillow whatever works; and setting small goals to get me going. Let yourself just rest also.

I am sorry for your loss. My mother has had cancer as well, and just went into remission again. I hope your good memories and love will sustain you. Between the cancer, and the loss of my father in 2000, I can tell you I strongly believe that we should hold tight to every day we have had together instead of the ones we don't. I hope it is a thought that will comfort you.<br />
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I wish you well...and I wish you good health.

Make sure yo take care of yourself and get your checkups. I was diagnosised at 37 with breast cancer. I am blessed that it was cought early. I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes I wonder why I made it when so many other don't.

I'm sorry, I once thought my mom had breast cancer too, I think that one day we will all die from cancer