It May Help?

each day when you open your browser, did you ever realize there might be something you could be doing to help catch breast cancer earlier and perhaps take less victims?

i've added this website to my tabs.  each time i open the internet it's the first page i see (although it takes a while to load - but it's worth it!)

once the page loads i click on the 'fund free mammograms - click here daily.  it's free' button ... the more people who do this, the more their advertisers will donate thus more mammograms are provided to women who, otherwise, could not afford it.

as we all know, regular maintenance including mammograms is MAJOR  when it comes to cancer.  as survivors and family members of survivors, can we help turn the death toll into survivors?  i personally feel it's something i need to do.  i recall quite distinctly what i went through and if i can do anything to prevent just one person or family from going through this ... you can believe i'm going to do what i can!

do your part as a survivor/family member of a survivor and join me.  copy the website into an email requesting everyone you know to do the same.  there's no telling what we're capable of if we all come together on this.

rather than waiting on science to give us a cure let's become proactive in this fight!

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal
31-35, F
1 Response Jun 27, 2007

Good for you! I am sending this information to all my friends!