Just Finishing Her Third

Yep...my mother is just rounding out her third bout of cancer.

The first time, I was about five or six. It was estrogen positive, HER 2 negative, in her left breast. She had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. I didn't know at the time that my mother had cancer. I just knew she was really sick, but the doctors were helping her. It's scary though when your mother has lost her hair and you don't know why.

The second bout was in 2006. Again, it was in the left breast. This one was HER2 and estorgen positive. She has a mastecomy and reconstructive surgery. Chemotherapy was for a year and also had some radiation. Hair was once again gone.

This third came last June. This was in her right breast, HER 2 positive, estrogen negative. She has a double mastectomy and now wears a special bra with breast forms. She doesn't like it too much because her left side is so concave that she is in constant pain. The chemos have thrown her into early menopause and the forms are just too hot most of the time. She has ended her bad chemos, but she will be on one until August for the HER2.

Because of all her cancers being different each time, she has to go in for genetic testing. If she has the gene for breast cancer, I have to be tested. How scary is that?

Anyways, it's been a long journey and I hope this is the last time my mother will have any type of cancer (she has thyroid before the breast started...)

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Feb 22, 2009