Dear Mother

i never knew who u wre. i cried over u evry noght. i thought i loved you. sad thing was i didnt know you. ur baby dad shot me up when i was ****** nine years old. i have been addicted to heroin since. if you would have taken the chance to get to now me i would be safe and not have been on the streets for so long. i understand u have a problem and i accept it. u do not make me emotional anymore. i loved the idea of u not being alive. (totally sorry for anyone who has lost someone to drugs) but u made me overdose 3 times becaus eu wre on my mind. when they told me u commited suicide i cried and i thought i died. but the truth was that the part of u died that was inside of me. i ahve moved paast u. but now i cant stop my addiction. i hope i am a better mom than u. i willl be there for my children. i do love you though even though i know nothing about u. i hope u r happy wherever u are.
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Your story ... My heart goes out to you keep movin forward God bless you..


sad story...i wish you the best and i hope things get better for you...