I Miss My Mom..

My mom and I were always close..She always seemed okay and normal until the summer of 2007.  My parents were divorced when I was very little and then about in the winter of 2007 my father and her got back together and it was like a dream come true, I always wished for them to be together and be happy for my siblings and I.  But eventually my dream turned into a nightmare, my father ended up leaving us again for another women and left my mother with all the bills and the rent of our apartment which we recently moved into which was way more expensive than our previous one and she was only working at Walmart.  When my dad moved out, all these people, and they were bad kids, stoner-type (not trying to stereotype just trying to give you a visual!) and they used her for her to buy them alcohol..cigs..whatever they needed and eventually one of them raped her and she was always having nightmares about someone breaking in and taking her somewhere in her sleep and things like that.  She basically had a mental breakdown and was hiding in the closet for days (my siblings and me were now living at my grandparents house) and when we would try to talk to her she would act like she didn't know who we are and say we weren't her kids and she wasn't our mom.  This hurt me and my other brothers and sister.  Eventually, my grandparents called the police to get her some help.  The police took her to some hospital and she was there for a couple weeks and they gave her medication but when she ran out she had no money to keep filling the prescription.  Now, my father is helping her get an apartment and she is getting help from the state and is taking her medicine.  She still talks about things that no one understands and everyone always makes fun of her like its her fault when it's not.  I just wish I had my mom back..

jessjess0625 jessjess0625
22-25, F
Mar 10, 2010