My Motto: Love Will Find A Way

I believe in love and all the joy it brings. When you love someone wholeheartedly you forgive them and never leave them under any circumstances. I only stay till im loved and love is the main reason I exist. I love to love and I love love and i love everything and everyone. Love never gets old, it just makes you feel younger. Love never betrays, it just saves you from falling apart when you are careless. Love never looses, it just makes it soo sweet that theres no competition. Love will never let you down, it makes you feel like flying. Love is never shared, it is between you and me. Where there is love, there is blessings and everything nice. Love is smart, it makes a fool out of everyone in it. Love is blind because it wants you to come closer and feel your beloved rather than stare at them for eternity. Love is a crown jewel gifted to mankind. If there was no love, everything woud be Bizarre and gross for me. Love gives you chances, when you fall down it will pick you up. Love makes it easier to live and have fun. You dont have to be rich to get love. When everything fails,, Love saves the day! 
HelenParis HelenParis
2 Responses Feb 28, 2012

I love this, well said.

Very nicely written. <br />
Hope is needed too I think oh and Faith. :)