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Just Breathe

A personal motto, words to live by, a creed, a mission statement ... however you want to put it, whatever you want to call it, I have one. It's not complicated, not flowery and overly poetic or prosaic, it's not even extremely insightful and intelligent. Its simple, straightforward, and to the point. It only contains two word: Just Breathe. Thats it, that pretty much says it all.

Those two words, which when I was younger I debated getting tattooed on my left inside wrist in small black lowercase cursive writing, provide me with all the guidance I need to live my life on a daily basis. They are a reminder to me that as complicated and as messy and stressful or painful or whatever life gets, I will always get through it and the solution is always the simplest one: Just Breathe.

All I have to do in any situation is stop, pause, for the briefest of moments, close my eyes (literally and figuratively) to everything that is going on around me, take a step back/away/whatever, focus on myself and just breathe. It's as simple as that. Just focus on taking one long, deep, rejuvenation breath in, inhaling oxygen, filling my lungs with life. Then, breath out, equally as slowly, exhaling all of the tension and hurt, all of those things causing me to not be and let go. It's so incredibly simple, such a small thing, but it helps. Just breathe.

Just breathing will help to settle nerves, untangles knots and settle those butterflies that often take flight in my stomach. Just breathing will calm growing frustration and anger, cooling my quick temper and keeping my tongue from thoughtlessly stabbing at those around me. Just breathing helps me to be understanding, and compassionate and patient with those who maybe can not keep up or don't grasp what I view as simple concepts, or who just plain don't get me.

Most of all though, the thing that remembering to Just Breathe has helped me with is survival. I've had a lot, in fact I would be justified in saying more than my "fair share", of bad things, tragedies, abuses, etc. happen in my life. Things that maybe would have, and did in fact (my mother and sister being two such examples) break and change other people, cause them to be bitter or lost in a sea of depression. I, I have been fortunate. There are many reasons why I am different, why I have become the person who I am today. However, the bottom line, all things being boiled down to their simplest essence, most basic components, is this: I kept breathing.

Just Breathing means that you take things as they come and always recognize that "this too shall pass", you are not going to die, you will get through things, you will come out the other side (maybe even a stronger and better person), and the sun will shine again. I know, I know, a lot of sort of cliched concepts. However, they are cliched for a reason, and they all have a ring of truth. All I ever need to do, all anyone needs to do, is Just Breath. One breath in, one breath out. Repeat. One at a time. Take it one second, one minute, one moment, one hour, one day at a time. Just focus on now, on your next move, your next step and push forward and through it. One step at a time, placing one foot in front of another and keep moving forward. Sometimes it's at an almost glacial pace, but at least it's forward.

All I ever need is to remember those two words.

Just Breathe.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 6 Responses Jan 25, 2013

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Wonderful motto and way to deal with life's happenings, helping to keep yourself grounded or sane (as sane as each of us is, lol) always useful and very effective, when remembered and applied/ followed. Great testimonial and description of HOW to "just breathe".

Why thank you Kink!

Why, you\'re quite welcome Hon\'! :-)

Thanks for posting. I need to be doing a lot of Just Breathing today.

Thanks for reading and commenting, I needed to re-read and remember my own motto today too. Lol. Just Breathe.

This motto is a perscription...time tested...undergone trial by fire....and has brought the subject through each and everytime...Sometimes the deep things are the simple things...sometimes a revelation comes as a passing thought...without angels and fanfare...but a truth that works....everytime...

I love this H....thank-you much...


You're most welcome my dear friend. It is something that has proved to work for me, time tested and trial by fire as you say. I sometimes forget it, and sometimes it does seem to move at that glacial pace, but it works in the end.

Im working my way through all your writings...just sayin...

Awww. Thanks sweetie, that's so nice of you to do. There is a great deal of me in all the things I have written and shared here. I always like it when people take the time to be interested in them and learning more about me.


I am enjoying it a great deal....wish I had a day to just read your stuff...

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I'll borrow that motto.


Do you focus on your belly or your chest?

When breathing?

Dig it.

It seems I need a daily reminder of this myself.. gonna have to take your motto and post it around my monitor with the other mottos I've got written down.

It is just like a conversation I say to myself when the chips are down and the odds are not in my favor: "Well, I'm still breathing, aren't I?". I guess sometimes we want the dramatic, climatic music in the background, the Montage that shows us moving from one movement, one action after the other, visibly seeing the change from afar but we're living that change every day. Every breath we take, we take it towards a destination and that is where it counts.

Thank you for sharing. Good motto to live by. ::Nods with a Thumbs up::

I have a page on my iPad where I am constantly noting things like this, or other words of wisdom I find particularly apropos.

Thank you, again, for commenting on my story. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, your words are always inciteful and thought provoking.