One Down

This morning I was awakened with an emergency phone call: the kittens are playing with a live mouse.

I tell you - if you are not bothered by the thought of how the mouse felt, it was interesting to watch. Superman, the last to do a lot of things, was doing a great job of dealing with this mouse. It would let it go; the mouse would scamper away. The mouse was fast, I'll grant you, but Superman was so much faster, it was hard to see him go. He'd catch the mouse, let it go then catch it again. And all the time we were trying to rescue the mouse and then evict it.

Finally Angel got the mouse. She wasn't having any part of Superman's game; she wanted the mouse to herself. She was bound and determined to escape the bedroom and have some alone time with the mouse. She ran out onto the sun-porch and with the door shut behind me it was just Angel, me and the mouse. And Angel did not want to let that mouse go. I thought a cat would bring the mouse as a present to the cat's human. Ha! Angel was growling, something I had never heard her do and running away from me.
Finally, Angel let the half-dead mouse drop from her mouth and I scooped it up in a piece of paper in my hand. And here's the super-interesting part to me. As I said I was awakened with an emergency - meaning I ran upstairs without putting on any clothes or taking off collar or cuffs., of course. Now my housemate says take it out back and let it go. No question of getting dressed first, she sends me out into the back yard butt naked, package hanging down, to let the mouse go far from our home.  

And yes, I am going to cross-post this to I have a cat.
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~lol~First the neighbors get to see Logger Satin and now butt naked slave satin -- you, My slave, must certainly be the most watched house on the block. And may I say that you are a very, very good boy for wearing your collar and cuffs both upstairs and outside.<br />
<br />
Angel gets a good girl from Me too, even with the growl. I know that noise well -- and the look that goes with it. It's not mice we rescue, though, it's the little gecko-like lizards that are everywhere down here. We can always tell when one's gotten in because there's a Kitty Conference -- four or more sitting in a circle so focused nothing will divert their attention. MK always ends up in a battle of wills with one growling kitty that has a desperately twitching tail hanging out of one side of its mouth.<br />
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Unfortunately, we also get the occasional big-*** centipede that breaches the solitude (and hen I say big-***, I mean averaging 6 inches, the largest was 9 inches long). We'll let the kitties wear those indestructible bastards down for as long as we can. Funniest site I saw the first year we were here, before home renovations that sealed cracks, were five butts sticking out from under a dresser where a centipede had wedged itself into a crack at the base of the wall -- four cat butts with tails going crazy and one bare-nekkid MK bottom.