I Do...

But he's a pet mouse, and I wouldn't get rid of him for anything! He's adorable and likes climbing upside-down on the ceiling of his cage.

He was hardly the size of a thumbnail, and sitting on a mousetrap - too light to set it off! - eating the peanut-butter on it, and we thought "We can't watch that adorable thing die!"...he was lured into a cup, and then an empty bottle filled with cotton balls, and then transferred to an empty fishtank shortly after. He's got cardboard boxes and tubes to play around in and plenty of food to munch on and water to drink. We've had him a few months now :)

He likes blueberries, carrots, and Doritos best - and it's a far better diet than living off of drywall like most common house mice!

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

thats a sweet story, my girlfriend got 3 pet rats, i was afraid to go near them at first but now, I hold them and feed them.<br />
<br />
They are very interactive and dosile creatures and nothing like the wild ones.