Lets Do It Are Selves and Safe Money, I Mean How Hard Can It Be :|

My husband and i moved from California to Texas, okay that's the easy thing about the move is saying it. there really should be a little book or instruction on how to pack a trailer. i know, i know, it sound basic enough but for my husband and i we fuked up.

we lived in a small apartment in San Jose and didn't have very much furniture. so we thought to get a trailer and pack it. we fought that morning so it started great and then i left to cool off. i came back and he already loaded the sofas and bed. (When a man is mad he can move heavy things on his own) what i didn't know is that he made the back of the trailer light and one side light. i helped pack the rest and one the road we went.

for anyone that's lived in California there are many weird on-ramps to the highway. we hit the gas and suddenly we are in a strange wobble. we went across 4 lanes of traffic almost hitting 3 cars but some how we made it.

the rest of the trip was long, very long and we took are time. after getting to Texas we found out that you should never have the back light..oops

erinjt erinjt
26-30, F
Feb 16, 2009