It depends on which jeans I wear. I am not made for teen jeans anymore sadly enough.  I am working on it though.

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That is it. i was telling someone the other day I would suck that excess out so she can have boobs. She would have T/A in the same place.

Teen jeans won't even go past my hips! LOL Teens don't have uhm, yummy hips like we do. ;)<br />
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I'd say you look just great...muffin or not. xxx

Those effers!!!! They are advertising women's fit jeans!!!! I love Old Navy jeans so they won't sell to me. lol

It is the little fleshiness when you wear low rise jeans. I usually dont wear the freaking hipsters anyhow but if i did I would have that and I ain't going there lol I think some people have a lot of it. Mine is a mini muffin. lol<br />
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Michelle lol!

What's a muffin top?

LOL I don't wear them because they cause me to have a muffin top lol.

Seriously? You want to wear teen Jeans? Those are too tight.