Love It To The Point Of Harm

I love music. I sing whenever I don't concentrate, or when it is inappropriate (i.e. when others are talking to me). I don't mean to, it has just become a reflex and my voice seems to be more bold than my tongue. I will sing songs that remind me of certain situations or emotions that I feel when I am distracted. But anyways, unlike most of you, music to me, has become harmful. At the beginning, I loved it. Then I started to depend on it. Now I am addicted so badly that I can't get off it.

I try to stop listening to music, and I would get aggressive, irritated, annoyed and tend to throw fits. I listen in a moderate volume. Enough to hear every word and every tone, yet not deafening, yet I still get all these emotions and a general level of pleasure from music, I just can't take it out of my life...

What do I do? D: This addiction is far from healthy.
fastsandslash fastsandslash
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2010