Music Mad I Tell You!!

Music mad my family are! We have a recording studio in our livingroom with a drum kit more expensive than our car and a saxaphone, 7 electric guitars, 5 basses, a violin, 5 other drum kits, a piano, keyboard, huge mackie speakers, tons of amps and wires everywhere - not to meantion computers and microphones and mixing desks - everything musical squished into our tiny home. My family's whole money is spent on music!! My mum sings and plays the piano a little - although my mum and dad our now divorced, I play the piano, sing, play the violin and a little of the drums. My sister plays the drums, a little of the piano and saxaphone, but is now more into dj ing and is playing at the NME club in Birmingham. My Dad is an awesome guitar player, sings a little, plays the drums and the piano and is quite good at just picking up anything and being able to play it. Our neighbours are driven crazy by it - its quite funny XD Also we have many musical friends and i will come home to the most random people in my house. Last week it was a bunch of africans/jamaicans who were just mad! They were soo strange and kept laughin there ***** off for no apparent reason or arguing loudly and abusively amongst themselves. There was only one amongst them - the singer who was really cool and he played amazing guitar and sounded like Jack johnson.But the rest were crazy, people when they come over always say life is never dull when you step into the ironmonger house - its so true!!

followthewhiterabbit followthewhiterabbit
22-25, F
May 11, 2008