Closet Myspace User!

Okay, I have to admit, my friends think I'm a little nuts.... (seriously, they KNOW I'm a LOT nuts!).  My friend Dan was giving me hell about it again last night.  His exact quote was "you're 35 and have a Myspace account?"  My answer to him was, "Yes, and so does your 17 year old daughter - would you like to see HERS?"  Having a myspace is almost like texting.  Yeah, teenagers do it... A LOT!  So, what better way to stay in touch with your teens than to peak into their world from time to time? 

I started my Myspace account to share pictures of my family with our ex-military friends across the country.  Now, I think I am a verified Myspace stalker.  Why do people feel the need to tell everyone in cyberspace how their kid pooped on the floor or how depressing their life is or that they are going on vacation - so hey - ROB ME!  LOL - I think it's hilarious the amount of useless information people share.  Not to mention all the surveys people fill out.  I mean, how much extra time can you have in a day that you need to tell me who the last person that texted you was or the last person who made you cry?  It's a little strange in fact that people are so willing to share so much with their so called "friends" on their Myspace!

Oh well... I did discover last night that my 13 year old had her cell phone number posted in her status message.  If I didn't have an account, she wouldn't have gotten caught doing something so stupid.  

To sum it up, 35 or not, I am going to do what I have to do to keep in touch with my kids and their friends.  And, ok, I do find a certain entertainment factor to reading and looking into other people's lives.... makes me feel much more normal! 

Happy New Year!

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1 Response Jan 2, 2009

hey i have one too... join facebook...