I Just Want To Be Left Alone!

After 52 years of various kinds of crazy from grandmothers,aunts and narc mom I finally have had enough. After the nasty comments about my children's lives, relationships and just all of the downright lies from sisters and parents I have been in no contact for almost a year.
My health has improved vastly and I am finally finding peace with my wonderful husband and children. Of course we all know that is not to last, it is to the point where my husband wants to close his business of 25 years, sell our historical home and move out of state.
Narc Mom (with Enab Dad in tow) whines to anyone she knows will recount to me how she "misses me, isn't allowed to see me, doesn't know anything about her grandchildren, etc"... while on the other hand informs the listener that I am a staggering drunk and should be locked up in a mental institution.
Now I just hear from my out of state brother that he is coming here so that the family can have "an intervention" to get me back into the fold. Intervention my &*(&)! A full on attack that has been orchestrated by Narc Mom so that she doesn't have to get her hands dirty. I was also told not to "leave town and run away from my issues like I always do and to be respectful and honor my parents" Well, I have not run away, I have faced the full fury of Narc Mom and LIVED!
I do plan on visiting a daughter out of town for the week bro is here as I know they will show up at my door or stalk me to cause a scene.

JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! If I am such a horrible crazy, drunk, mean, selfish, lazy, arrogant, do nothing for anyone, non achieving, etc.... person you say I am - then why are you so trying to be in touch with me? Oh yes, I know now, you don't know what I am doing so you can't sabotage anything.
Aprillia Aprillia
51-55, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

This sounds like exactly what I'm in for when I go NC. I hope you can stay strong and keep the poison out of your life.