I wanted to share my newest update in the "relationship" with my NM, but I just wanted to see what's new in all of your lives, haven't seen any stories from the regulars in awhile. Lets reconnect, please comment!
Misstaco Misstaco
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hey Misstaco trust all is going ok for you.
I've been over 2 months NC with the NM in my life but it appears that siblings and father are now starting to follow suit.
My other half gets frustrated when I slip into negative thought patterns such as "I must be really bad" when not even my sisters contact me anymore.

I'm really working hard on my personal inner strength and appreciating my good points as much as I can - and doing my best to quieten the negative internal 'chatterbox'

With Best Wishes

time to make some hard choices

im in and out of depression. but more on out of depression.

since, i have bargain for so long.

i have like 30 seconds lag reminder that mother is a Narc when the question 'mother didn't do that to me' or whenever i saw a mother being nice to their daughter.

i realise how great the universe is, i may not have emotionally available mother, but the universe has awarded me with emotionally available friends, who is supportive and few family members who is willing to admit, mother is a Narc and support me living independently.

my last suicidal thought (i always have them when in contact with mother) is less than 3 minutes, few months ago, when i realise have a great life despite all the vicious lies and torment she had upon me.

sorry, this is lengthy.

thank you for the quote on relationship. it meant a lot. how are you doing?

wow, I thought I was the only one who had suicidal thoughts after having contact with their mother. Thank you for sharing. Hoping you're feeling better these days.

Thank you for sharing too.
I found it is hard to admit those dark moment, but as soon as I said it out loud, there is a huge wave of burden fall from my shoulder.

You had the courage to share your deepest feelings and reaping the reward. Shining the light into the darkest places provides healing for you and others like myself as well.