hug deprived

I am hug deprived.
Being hug is something alien for me.
I envy those who regularly hug by family, friends and colleague.

I don't even know what to do when someone hug me.
Where do i put my hand?
Around their back? Shoulder? Waist?
Where do i put my head?

Most of the time, I just froze.

As I stand, frozen, I feel sad, and happy.
Someone is hugging me, that my mother not willing to.

The warmth of being hugged is beyond imaginable.
It really warmth the cold cruel world we are living in.

Now, I learn to hug.
I learn to hug back.
It was not easy, but I am trying.

How are you doing?
Are you use to hug friends and family?
fien fien
26-30, F
6 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Thank you everyone for sharing.
It feels good to know the trial and tribulation of giving and getting a hug!!

*group hugs*

I can relate to this as well. My mother hardly ever hugged me, except in public so she had witnesses to what a great mother she was. Now that I am older she asks why I don't hug her anymore and does the "Don't you love me?" thing. And now when she oddly tries to hug me, I feel like I can't breath, and I just sit rigid.

I also never hug anyone, because it's foreign to me, and I respond coldly to others hugs because I, like you...just don't know how to hug back.

that would be an awkward hugs, between two who have little hugging skills.
nevertheless, baby steps.
just hug.

Hopefully we can learn them, as soon as possible.
We survived narc mother!!
this hugging skills can be as easy as abc!!

The exact same thing happens to me. we will learn eventually. Hugs ,)

After a surgery a month ago, she didn't hug me afterwards. Thank god my husband was there.

*hugs tightly*

we will!!

I can relate, my mother has never said I love you or hugged me. I don't remember one moment of support or comfort. If you want criticism or to be put down...she never fails to deliver. Hard to know what love is when you've never experienced it from your own mother. Best of luck to you!

Best of luck to you too!!

You can experience love! It takes sometime since we didn't grow in such loving environment. baby steps and we will get there!


I love getting hugs and giving them. I also did not get much physical affection from my parents and so I am very physically affectionate with those I love. There is no wrong way to hug. Just open your arms, wrap them around the person you love and squeeze. : )

Hahaha I have tried it so far, i just noticed that i like hugging people.
I am a hugger at the moment!!

Thank you for your support!!

Omg! That's so sad!! I would give you the biggest hug EVER!!